Moves to block pornographic websites

Federal Court examines Kurdistan salary delays

BAGHDAD, January 14, The Head of the Supreme Federal Court, Judge Jassim Mohammed Aboud Al-Amiri, emphasized today the urgent need to resolve the issue of delayed salaries for employees and retirees in the Kurdistan Region. In addition, the court is considering measures to block pornographic websites, which he stated pose a significant risk to society, especially the youth.

Speaking to the official agency, Al-Amiri said, “Currently, the court is looking into several cases, among which the first is the issue of salaries for employees and retirees in the Kurdistan Region. This is a very important matter, and the Iraqi Constitution in its Article 14 asserts the necessity of equality in rights among Iraqis. This equality mandates that employees and retirees in the Kurdistan Region should receive their salaries in terms of amount and timing, just like their counterparts in the rest of Iraq.”

Al-Amiri added, “This means that an employee in Zakho, for example, should be treated the same as employees in Baghdad, Salah al-Din, Diyala, Maysan, and Basra. A salary is what secures people’s livelihood and preserves their dignity, and delays in payments cannot be permitted.”

He stressed that issues arising from the Kurdistan Regional Government’s non-compliance with the budget law should not hinder the disbursement of salaries to employees and retirees in the region. “They are part of the Iraqi people, and it is the federal government’s duty to solve this problem. We consider this a national, social, and humanitarian obligation. I repeat, no problem between the federal government and the regional government should cause delay and disruption, and both sides must reach a fundamental solution.”

On another note, Al-Amiri confirmed that “the second issue the Federal Court is dealing with is related to blocking pornographic sites that have social harms, especially affecting Iraqi youth.”

“These sites have been widespread for two decades, and measures to block them in Iraq need to be strengthened. Their negative impact has damaging effects on society, leading to familial and social disintegration,” he added.