219 million litres distributed

Fuel allocations reach 70,000 families in Duhok

DUHOK, January 13– Approximately 70,000 families in Duhok governate have benefitted from fuel distribution, as confirmed by Milat Zikri, the supervisor of oil distribution in the region.

Zikri reported to 964media that they distribute oil daily in proximity to the Mullah Shukri Prosa Mosque, with 90% of the allocated oil already dispensed, each barrel priced at 100,000 dinars.

The Ministry of Natural Resources disclosed that a total of 219 million litres of fuel were distributed to citizens this year, catering to over a million families, amounting to 85% of the citizens. As of January 9, the oil distribution breakdown is as follows:

– Erbil governorate: more than 93 million liters distributed.
– Sulaymaniyah governorate: Approximately 80 million liters distributed.
– Duhok governorate: More than 46 million liters distributed.

Fuel shipment delays to Kurdistan Region

Fuel shipment delays to Kurdistan Region