Import ban was instrumental

Successful agricultural initiative boosts local tomato production in Al-Najaf

NAJAF, January 13 — The local tomato production in Al-Najaf Governorate has reached 1500 tons daily after the decision to ban imports. Farmers are now able to market and sell their produce at reasonable prices in local markets. There is also the possibility that they may export the surplus to other governorates in the future.


The Ministry of Agriculture, under the guidance and support of His Excellency Minister Dr. Abbas Jaber Al-Maliki, has achieved its goal through the judicious decision to ban tomato imports during the abundant harvest period. This has enabled farmers to market and sell their produce at reasonable prices, contributing to financial returns that help cover costs and promote agricultural development in Al-Najaf province, supporting the national economy.

Engineer Iyad Jassim Jaber, Head of the Plant Production Department at the Directorate of Agriculture in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf, expressed his delight at the abundance of local tomato production, reaching 1000-1500 tons daily during the 2023-2024 agricultural season. Meanwhile, Engineer Yusuf Salman Jaber, Director of Agriculture in Al-Haidariya, commended the Ministry of Agriculture’s decision and the support of His Excellency the Minister in banning tomato imports during the production and marketing period. This decision allows local farmers to market their produce within the governorate and export any surplus to other governorates.