Turkish seafood kiosk

Fresh flavors in Basra’s time square

BASRA, January 15 — At the bustling Time Square in Al-Jubaila, central Basra, a new kiosk is making waves with its diverse seafood offerings, including a notable selection of fresh mussels. This venture, initiated by two friends, Mohammed Iyad and Ali Abdulhakim, is transforming the local culinary landscape.

Mohammed Iyad, who conceived the idea, shares his inspiration with 964media. “I lived in Turkey for 6 years and noticed the popularity of mussels there. In Basra this delicacy was not available, despite seafood being a part of our culture.” This realization prompts Iyad to bring a piece of his experience from Turkey to Basra.

Upon his return, Iyad pitches the idea to his friend, Ali Abdulhakim. “Together, we open this kiosk,” says Iyad. “Midye Basra” kiosk serves various seafood dishes, including Turkish-style mussels, crispy octopus, grilled shrimp, and grilled king crab.

The seafood they offer is freshly sourced from the waters near Faw, south of Basra. This commitment to freshness is a cornerstone of their business philosophy. Affordability is another key aspect, with the kiosk pricing each skewer of grilled shrimp, king crab, or octopus at only 2,000 Iraqi Dinars. The price is appealing to a wide base of customers, including students and those with limited income.

Mohammed Iyad expresses his goal for the venture: “We aim to accommodate the youth’s circumstances and bring a new flavor to Basra’s food scene.” This ambition is reflected in their diverse menu and the freshness of their ingredients.

On their Instagram page they showcase what the kiosk has to offer through a collection of enticing images of their dishes for seafood enthusiasts.

This kiosk is more than a food outlet; it represents an intersection of international flavors and local culinary traditions. It stands as a testament to innovation and cultural exchange, enriching Basra’s gastronomic diversity.