For a traffic fatality

12 Million Dinars settle a tribal dispute in Kirkuk

KIRKUK, January 13 — A tribal reconciliation session was held in Kirkuk province on Friday, resolving a dispute between the Al-Obaid (Arab) and Hamound (Kurdish) tribes following a fatal traffic accident.

The session, involving representatives from both tribes, concluded with the Al-Obaid tribe receiving a compensation of 12 million Iraqi dinars. The incident that prompted the session occurred days earlier when a young man from the Al-Obaid tribe was fatally struck in a road accident by a member of the Hamound tribe.

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Obaidi, representing the Al-Obaid tribe, told 964media that the session was conducted by the “Al-Bo Hamza” of the Al-Obaid tribe and the Hamound tribe in the Baghdad Road area in central Kirkuk. The tribal leaders from both Arab and Kurdish communities convened to finalize the agreement.

Heimen Mahmoud Al-Hamoundi, speaking on behalf of the Hamound tribe, explained that the tribal reconciliation was aimed at resolving the issue arising from the death. The payment to the Al-Obaid tribe forms part of an agreement witnessed and documented by other tribal leaders present at the session.