Stressing navigation freedom

Iraq’s foreign ministry condemns Yemen bombing

BAGHDAD, January 12 — The Iraqi Foreign Ministry, on Friday, strongly condemned the bombings targeting Yemen. In a statement shared with 964media, the ministry emphasized the importance of freedom of navigation in international waters and warned that expanding the scope of attacks will not solve the problem.

The ministry’s statement read:

“Since the beginning of the unjust war and aggression by the occupying forces on the Gaza Strip, Iraq has warned that the continuation of support for the occupying entity and the failure of major countries to assume their responsibilities will lead to comprehensive developments beyond the borders of Gaza and the Palestinian territories, potentially engulfing the entire region in the danger of war and violence. Despite calls for a ceasefire, including from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the aggressive behavior of the occupation, backed by several Western countries supporting the war of extermination against the Palestinians, has continued. We affirm the necessity of maintaining freedom of navigation in international waters. We condemn the aggression against Yemen and its sovereignty, and believe that expanding the circle of targets does not represent a solution to the problem. Instead, it will lead to an escalation of the war. The solution lies in the United Nations Security Council taking responsibility and issuing a decision to stop the aggressive and brutal war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”