Insight from Governor Omid Khoshnaw

Forthcoming book to explore Erbil’s history from stone age to modernity

ERBIL, January 11 — Erbil’s history, spanning from the Stone Age to the contemporary era, is poised to be chronicled in a forthcoming book, according to Governor Omid Khoshnaw.

Khoshnaw met with a cohort of university professors and scholars in Erbil, and affirmed his endorsement for the project, which will document Erbil’s historical narrative from ancient times to the present.

Khoshnaw told 964 that the book would recount the chronological sequence of historical developments, events, and transformative shifts within Erbil.

Noting Erbil’s distinction as one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, he underscored the abundance of yet undiscovered information pertaining to its history.

Khoshnaw also said he anticipated the forthcoming book would become a significant historical and scientific resource, offering insight into Erbil’s ancient past.