Increasing the greenery rate by 9%

Thousand Trees Planted in Ranya to Enhance Greenery and Environment

RANYA, January 10 – One thousand trees have been planted around the Darband strait in Ranya, as part of a collaborative effort coordinated by the Raperin Environment Office in Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

This green endeavor saw the involvement of various local entities, including Ranya Forestry, Shazad Saib Nursery, and the Raperin General Directorate of Road Repair and Protection. Mohammed Karim, the director of the Raperin Environmental Office, stated that the planting took place within the forest boundary, an area that will continue to require service and protection, a responsibility that falls under their office.

Karim highlighted the anticipated positive impact of this initiative on the Darband area. He projected a significant increase in the region’s green cover, estimating that the overall greenery in the area could reach 9% or 10%.