PM Al-Sudani attends parade and celebration

Parade celebrates 102nd anniversary of Iraqi police’s founding

BAGHDAD, January 9 – Internal security forces held a parade at the Police College on Tuesday to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the Iraqi police’s founding, with Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani in attendance.

A statement by Al-Sudani’s office said:

Under the patronage and presence of Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr. Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, a military parade took place on Tuesday morning at the Police College within the Ministry of Interior, marking the 102nd anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi Police.

In the presence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, various units and formations of the Ministry of Interior, including personnel and vehicles, were showcased. The display highlighted the significant capabilities and resources possessed by the police heroes and internal security forces. The parade included various events that demonstrated the capabilities and work of the ministry’s formations.

The event was attended by several ministers, security leaders, union and federation presidents, and representatives from diplomatic missions operating in Iraq.