Mixed reception from residents

The wild goats roaming through Kurdistan’s mountains

ERBIL, January 9 — Renowned for their graceful demeanor and distinct antlers, wild goats stand out as elegant herbivores playing a crucial role in ecosystem balance by regulating vegetation growth. Exhibiting a social nature, they form groups to navigate their surroundings.

In the Barzan region, wild goats are held in high regard, with local communities strictly prohibiting any hunting. This respect is evident as wild goats are frequently observed within towns and villages, coexisting harmoniously with the residents.

Similarly, Garmiyan boasts a significant wild goat population, but their existence faces an ongoing threat due to hunting. Over the past seven years, the wild goat population in Garmiyan has seen a dramatic decline from 12,000 to 5,000, highlighting the pressing need for conservation efforts in the region.