French grapes top production in Al-Qaim orchards

AL-QAIM, August 6 — French grapes lead the list of grape varieties grown in Al-Qaim orchards, west of Anbar, due to their ability to withstand high temperatures, unlike other types that wither within a day after picking.

The harvest of French grapes has flooded the markets in Al-Qaim over the past week with abundant quantities, attracting a large number of customers.

Ghassan Sand, a grape merchant in Al-Qaim Market told 964: “The black grapes, also known as French grapes, have the strength to stay fresh even after a week of being picked, and the price per kilogram is 1,500 dinars.”

Falih Hassan, owner of an orchard with french grape told 964: “This grape variety is quite demanding as it requires significant amounts of water daily. Its size is medium, and its taste is sweeter than other varieties.”

“We sell large quantities to traders both within Anbar and outside, especially in Baghdad, at wholesale price (1,000 dinars) per kilogram.”