Mines remain serious threat in the region

Demining group resumes annual training for teams in Kurdistan Region

ERBIL, January 3 — The Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency (IKMAA) is set to resume annual training courses for manual demining teams across its departments.

Comprising 18 teams, IKMAA teams clear mined land in the Kurdistan Region. Jabar Mustafa, the head of the organization, informed 964 that the courses span several days and are held at the beginning of each year.

“Their objective is to enhance awareness among the teams, review information and methodologies related to mine clearance, incorporate new techniques, and emphasize safety requirements,” he added.

Out of an estimated 776 kilometers of mined land in the Kurdistan Region, 521 kilometers have been cleared. Despite having 35 mine clearance teams at its disposal, only 18 are currently operational due to a shortage of vehicles.