Telecom Company Hosts Vibrant New Year Festivities in Wasit

Al-Kut Welcomes New Year with Grand Celebrations at Phoenix Park

WASIT, KUT, January 1 — The residents of Al-Kut ushered in the New Year with grand celebrations at Phoenix (Anka’a) Park, located in the city’s heart. The festivities, sponsored by a leading telecommunications company, brought a festive atmosphere to the province of Wasit, marking a joyous start to 2024.

Abdulaziz Al-Saif, a representative of the sponsoring company, shared with 964media the various elements that made the event memorable. The celebrations included a diverse array of activities, ranging from segments of folk poetry and light-hearted games to fire displays and musical performances by a popular band. A significant highlight was the distribution of gifts to children, adding a touch of delight for the younger attendees.

“The company organizes this event as part of its strategy to engage with the public in Wasit Province, supporting festivals and popular gatherings,” Al-Saif stated, underscoring the company’s commitment to community involvement and cultural promotion.

Safa Hussein, one of the celebrators, said: “The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful; everyone is enjoying themselves tonight,” she remarked. Hussein also noted the distinctiveness of this year’s celebrations compared to previous ones, appreciating the efforts of all who contributed to making the event a success.

The event not only provided entertainment but also offered a significant opportunity for community bonding. Families and individuals from various backgrounds came together, sharing moments of joy and celebration. The emphasis on creating a family-friendly environment, especially for children, was evident in the planning and execution of the event.

The New Year’s celebration at Phoenix Park reflects the growing trend of corporate involvement in public festivities, contributing to vibrant community life and enhancing local cultural experiences.