Statements from Baghdad and Erbil

Reactions to the drone attack in Erbil’s Pirmam district

ERBIL, December 31–In the aftermath of the explosive drone attack on a Peshmerga base in Pirmam, Erbil, the Iraqi Prime minister, the President of Kurdistan Region and the KRG Prime Minister have released statements, condemning the attack and urging comprehensive investigation.

Iraqi Prime Minister calls for thorough investigation into Peshmerga base drone attack

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani has urged a comprehensive investigation into the recent drone attack on a Peshmerga base in Pirmam. Al-Sudani has directed security forces to conduct a “thorough examination of this criminal assault”, as reported by Iraqi News Agency.

The Iraqi Prime Minister has ordered the unveiling of those responsible for the attack. In pursuit of this objective, collaborative investigations with Kurdistan Regional Government are set to take place, with coordination established between Iraqi security forces and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Statement by Nechervan Barzani, the President of Kurdistan Region

We strongly condemn the last night’s terrorist attack on a Peshmerga headquarters in Erbil governate. Targeting the Peshmerga, an official force integral to the federal Iraqi defense system, constitutes a perilous and unacceptable development jeopardizing the peace and stability of Iraq.

We urge the Federal Iraqi Government to take decisive actions in locating and holding the attackers accountable. We call for joint investigations and coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government. The ongoing drone attacks on the Kurdistan Region only serve to undermine the peace and stability of Iraq, escalating the complexity of the situation.

Statement by Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of Kurdistan

We express our deep concern regarding the terrorist attack on a Peshmerga headquarters in northeastern Erbil the night before. I vehemently condemn the assault perpetrated by outlaw groups and their collaborators. Understanding the underlying games of such outlaw groups, we assert our right to defend our people.

It is imperative for the Iraqi federal government to recognize that any assault on the Kurdistan Region is tantamount to an attack on the entirety of Iraq. Iraqi government should have a decisive stance and take the practical steps. For a lack of action only emboldens militias to escalate their aggression, they misuse the state resources and weaponry to attack the Kurdistan Region, threatening the stability of the entire country, potentially leading to further conflict in a country that has already seen considerable bloodshed.

I call upon Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani to implement practical measures aimed at halting these attacks, holding the responsible groups accountable, and exerting control over the areas utilized for such assaults.