"The city is fully prepared"

Traffic directorate in Najaf plans for New Year’s celebrations

Najaf, December 31 – The Traffic Directorate in Najaf has formulated a comprehensive plan for managing traffic during New Year’s Eve celebrations. This announcement was made by Colonel Wisam Al-Kaabi, the Director of Najaf Traffic, told 964media.

Al-Kaabi detailed that the traffic strategy involves deploying additional forces from various traffic divisions outside the city center, including areas such as Al-Haidariya, Al-Abbasia, Al-Hurriya, Al-Mundhiriya, and Al-Mashkab. These measures aim to ensure smooth traffic management in areas where celebrations are anticipated in the city.

Moreover, traffic motorcycles are set for deployment on New Year’s Eve as part of their evening duties. The Directorate also has a reserve force ready, led by a Traffic Directorate officer, to handle any unforeseen situations.

Colonel Al-Kaabi said that “it is important to enforce fines on those violating traffic norms to prevent reckless driving, improper parking, and other negative behaviours typically seen during celebrations.”

Bashar Al-Sudani, the Media Director of Najaf Municipality, informed 964media that there are no instructions to remove signs of New Year celebrations. The municipal teams will continue their usual operations without specific plans or warnings for the night.

He added that a significant meeting involving various departments is being held at the Najaf Police Command headquarters to ensure a secure and orderly New Year celebration. The city center, especially the restaurants adorned with Christmas trees, is fully prepared for families to celebrate the occasion, with all tables already reserved for the night’s festivities.