Vintage tools and a rich history

Photos: Zubair Barber continues family legacy

ZUBAIR, BASRA, 30 December –In Zubair, Basra, Khalil Al-Muzayen, fondly known as “Khalil the Barber,” continues a long-standing family tradition in barbering, dating back to the 1940s. His shop, “Al-Jamahir Barber,” is a testament to this legacy, with many of its tools and fixtures, including a prominently patched-up mirror, remaining unchanged for decades.

Khalil shares his passion for the craft, which he has practiced since his mandatory service days. He proudly maintains the old equipment and first aid supplies that his father once used. This dedication to tradition and quality service has earned him a reputation that extends beyond local boundaries, attracting notable clients including the late Kuwaiti artist Abdul Karim Abdul Qader, who was also his relative.

Khalil’s client base is diverse, with many coming from Zubair’s community descended from the Najd region of Saudi Arabia. His Kuwaiti and Saudi clients, despite the passage of time, continue to remember him fondly, often sending him gifts as tokens of their appreciation.

Mohammed Khalifa, a resident of Zubair, recognizes Khalil as one of the most famous barbers in the area, known for catering to significant figures in arts, culture, and sports. Khalil’s reputation in the community and beyond highlights not only his skill as a barber but also the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Zubair.