Eight country pavillions on display

Egyptian marketing exhibition showcases diverse products in Maysan

MAYSAN, December 30 — The Egyptian Marketing Exhibition has set up shop in the city of Amarah in Maysan governorate, displaying products from six different countries, including Iraq. The showcased items range from household products and handicrafts to traditional foods from the participating nations.

The exhibition comprises of thirty pavilions at the sports hall of Maysan University, offering a wide array of household products, handicrafts, cuisines, leather goods, artifacts, perfumes, as well as various oils and cosmetics. The exhibition will remain open through mid-January.

Osama Rashdi, organizer of the Egyptian Marketing Exhibition:

“This marks the first time we have opened our exhibition in Maysan. We were keen on international participation, with pavilions from India, Iran, the UAE, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt, in addition to Iraq and broad representation from the Kurdistan Region.”

“The products span categories such as food, clothing, woven textiles, and handicrafts from India, Iran, and Egypt. Accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes are also featured, along with an Egyptian pavilion showcasing local dishes like koshari, ful, and traditional beverages.”

Mohammed Mustafa, Indian Pavilion Representative:

“We have highlighted handmade products, especially women’s shoe manufacturing, and a wide range of laser-treated accessories. Our prices are affordable, and there has been good demand in the first two days.”

Mona Hussein, Jordanian Pavilion Manager:

“Dead Sea products, especially locally crafted soaps, are in great supply. There are also products like laurel soap and olive oil, for which Jordan and the Levantine region are renowned.”