Foreign national taken into custody

Border authority seizes smuggled falcons at Safwan crossing

BASRA, December 30 — The Border Control Authority announced on Saturday that agents intercepted eight falcons concealed inside a vehicle at the Safwan border crossing.

In a statement received by 964, the Authority outlined the following:

In compliance with the directives of the head of the Border Control Authority, Major General Dr. Omar Adnan Al-Wa’ili, to intensify supervisory efforts and prevent smuggling operations, the Safwan Border Crossing Directorate successfully apprehended a foreign traveler. The individual was found in possession of eight falcons intended for smuggling from Iraq into a neighboring country, cleverly concealed inside his vehicle.

The operation was conducted by our patrols in collaboration with supporting agencies.

A committee was formed to officially document the seizure, and the confiscated falcons, along with the suspect and the vehicle, were referred to the Safwan Customs Police Center for appropriate legal measures.