A five-decade-long project

Kurdish lexicographer awaits publication of his ‘Idiom Dictionary’

ERBIL, December 30 — Erbil-based lexicographer Abdul Wahab Shekhani has revealed a remarkable endeavor over 50 years in the making: a Kurdish idiom dictionary, currently awaiting publication by a government agency or printing house.

Shekhani, a teacher and Kurdish dictionary expert, shared with 964, “I have dedicated more than five decades to crafting this dictionary. I have selected six sub-dialects from Sorani and Kurmanji.”

The sub-dialects selected by Shekhani for his comprehensive dictionary are spoken in Sulaymaniyah, the Erbil plain, Badinan, Hawraman, Macho, and Sanandaj.

The dictionary is a compilation of sentences or phrases conveying nuanced and vague meanings, and offers examples such as “he saw his flesh on a skewer,” symbolizing an individual recognizing their own pain. Containing an impressive 2,300 pages, Shekhani’s work is a testament to his dedication.

Shekhani has so far published 10 volumes of dictionaries, including “Dictionary of Idioms in the Kurdish Language,” “Jokhin Dictionary,” “Zhehat Dictionary,” and “Shekhani Dictionary.” However, he emphasizes the need for sponsorship to publish his latest idiom dictionary.