Avoid using fireworks

Civil Defense Directorate issues guidelines for New Year’s Eve celebrations

BAGHDAD, December 29 — The Civil Defense Directorate issued guidelines on Friday ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations, urging the public to avoid using fireworks due to safety concerns, particularly for children.

The Directorate’s statement read:

*As New Year’s Eve celebrations approach*

(Civil Defense Guidelines for Launching Fireworks)

Dear citizens, for your safety, please follow these guidelines.

Avoid launching fireworks in residential areas and commercial markets. (These can lead to fires that harm innocent citizens).

1- Children should not launch fireworks at all (as losing control over fireworks can lead to personal injuries).

2- Avoid launching fireworks horizontally or at an angle (as this shortens their range and causes them to fall while still ignited).

3- Do not launch fireworks near utility poles and wires (as this can lead to cutting or burning of electrical wires and cause electrical shorts).

4- Do not launch fireworks near palm trees and other vegetation (to prevent fires in parks or gardens).

5- Avoid launching fireworks from inside moving or stationary vehicles (as this can cause traffic accidents and disrupt traffic flow).

6- Do not launch fireworks near gas stations or oil tankers (to prevent fires due to contact with fumes).

7- Avoid launching fireworks near gas cylinders and oxygen tanks.

8- Do not launch fireworks near electrical generators (due to the presence of fuel tanks and electrical wires).

9- Avoid launching fireworks near hospitals (to prevent disturbing patients).

10- Do not launch fireworks in enclosed spaces (like wedding halls and event venues to prevent fires).

11- In case of emergency, remember to immediately contact the Civil Defense control room at the toll-free number 115.

Brothers and sisters, the Civil Defense Directorate urges you not to buy fireworks as they pose three main dangers:

Firstly, fire hazards (they are one of the causes of fire incidents according to the annual statistics of the Civil Defense Directorate).

Secondly, environmental pollution (they cause air and noise pollution, negatively impacting the environment, residents’ comfort, and causing fear and panic among children).

Thirdly, health risks, including burns (bruises, eye injuries, hearing impairments).

Therefore, the Civil Defense Directorate has issued a series of guidelines related to fireworks.