Willows, pines, and berry trees planted

Local youth plant 200 trees on Dukan Lake’s Rabbits Island

SULAYMANIYAH, December 28 — A group of young people have planted 200 trees, including willow, pine and berry variations, on Dukan Lake’s Rabbits Island.

Sarbast Mohammed, one of the individuals behind the initiative, told 964, “We planted these 200 trees to contribute to the natural beauty and greenery of the island. The director of Dukan district and the local nursery supported our endeavor.”

Highlighting the community’s involvement, Mohammed added, “We were not alone, more than 10 locals joined us in planting these trees.”

Situated in Dukan Lake and surrounded by water, Rabbits Island is home to over 25 rabbits, cared for daily by the three young individuals leading the initiative.

Three local men from Dukan were seen transporting a number of rabbits to the island in October, expressing their intention to construct a home there for the small animals. Supported by Sulaymanyah Environmental and Forestry Police, a video documenting the action was recorded.