Shatt al-Arab Corniche Decorated

Basra: Vibrant Preparations Underway for New Year Celebrations

BASRA, December 26 – In anticipation of the upcoming New Year celebrations, a group of 100 dedicated activists in Basra launched a campaign on Tuesday to embellish the Corniche of Shatt al-Arab. This festive initiative, extending from the entrance of the Italian Bridge to the statue of Al-Siyab, aims to infuse the central part of Basra with a celebratory spirit.

Haider Sari, the campaign coordinator, shared the group’s ambitious plans for the Corniche’s transformation. “We will adorn the Corniche with balloons and a large Christmas tree, striving to complete it on time. All aspects of the decorations are self-funded through donations,” he said. In a spectacular culmination of the celebrations, Sari revealed, “On New Year’s Eve, we will launch 500 fireworks into the sky of Basra.”

Samar Hussein, a volunteer in the campaign, highlighted the significant backing received from the Basra Municipality and the Provincial Council’s service efforts. “They provided the equipment to hang the decorations on the Corniche,” Hussein stated, underscoring the collaborative nature of the campaign. “Fundraising is ongoing, and our goal is to bring joy to the people of Basra during New Year celebrations.”

The initiative represents not only the communal spirit of Basra’s residents but also their determination to foster a sense of joy and festivity in the city. As New Year’s Eve approaches, the Corniche of Shatt al-Arab is set to become a beacon of celebration, reflecting the vibrancy and resilience of the Basra community.