Al-Sudani chairs update meeting

Statement from the Prime Minister’s office on Nebras petrochemicals project

BAGHDAD, December 25 — Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani ordered an urgent meeting with representatives from oil and gas giant Shell on Monday regarding the Nebras Petrochemicals project.

A statement from Al-Sudani’s office, read:

The Prime Minister, Mr. Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, chaired a meeting on Monday to monitor the implementation of the Nebras Petrochemicals project. During the meeting, he reviewed a summary of the progress and completed stages, as well as recommendations from the consulting entity overseeing the project.

Mr. Al-Sudani emphasized the critical factor of time, highlighting the project’s delays and setbacks since 2015. The government is determined to complete [the project] by leveraging its full capabilities and authorities. He underscored the importance of removing any obstacles hindering the project’s progress, noting the Iraqi market’s need for raw petrochemical materials to support the national industry and shift towards local production.

Addressing the meeting, Mr. Al-Sudani stressed that economic reforms would only be effective through the adoption of development and the advancement of major strategic projects, such as the Nebras project. He directed an urgent meeting with the Ministers of Oil, Industry and Minerals, the Advisor to the Prime Minister, and the consultant from Shell International to resolve any remaining issues.

Additionally, he instructed the scheduling of monthly meetings under his leadership to monitor progress, activate solutions, and eliminate obstacles.

In February of this year, the Cabinet resolved a longstanding issue regarding gas pricing through Decision No. 80 of 2023. The ownership of lands allocated for the project was also transferred to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to resolve conflicts. Furthermore, an agreement was made with a global consulting entity to manage the project, ensuring its execution in line with economic and technical visions.