Marbina Qadisha Shrine to undergo restoration

ERBIL, August 3 – The Marbina Qadisha Shrine in Erbil’s Koya district will undergo restoration, according to the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism.

The government has allocated a budget of 81 million Iraqi dinars for the shrine, which dates back more than 1400 years.

Kamaran Anderson, a representative of the shrine, said to 964:

“The shrine’s exact date of construction is unknown, but it underwent renovations approximately 1,421 years ago, and this date was recorded on one of the shrine’s stones. However, in 1988, the Ba’athist government destroyed the stone with the recorded date.”

The restoration process is expected to take two months, with the construction of a 350-meter fence, equally-sized platform, and children’s playground. Additionally, specific areas will be designated for children with special needs.

The shrine is located west of Koya, on the Erbil-Koya Road.