Prizes awarded to birds of different breeds

Beauty contest for chickens draws enthusiastic participants from across Iraq

BASRA, December 23 — The Iraqi Union of Ornamental Chickens organized a beauty competition on Friday, featuring 27 contestants from Erbil, Karbala, Maysan, Salah Al-Din, and Dhi Qar and a total of 150 ornamental chickens from breeds such as Brahmas, Cochins, Sultanis, Polands, and Sprentz.

Salah Mohammed won an award for having the “Most Beautiful Chicken” at the competition. He shared, “I participated today in this first-of-a-kind competition in Iraq and secured the first position for the most beautiful chicken.”

Mohammed said his birds are imported from outside Iraq, and raised for competition, and the hobby serves as a primary source of income for many who showcase their birds.

“My winning chicken belongs to the Brahma breed, known for its high prices ranging from $500 to $5,000. The value of the bird increases significantly when it wins a title in any competition,” he added.

Salam Al-Basri, President of the Basra Ornamental Chicken Union, said birds from across Iraq had participated in the competition and the first-place prize distinction went to a bird from Basra, second-place to Karbala, and third-place to Maysan. In the “Most Beautiful Rooster” competition, Erbil secured first place, Baghdad second, and Basra third.

A committee of Turkish judges supervised the classification of the chickens according to international standards, ensuring the birds were healthy, examining their feathers, any defects, and diseases.