A cultural landmark in need of attention

Al-Adamiyah’s Timeless Treasure: Al-Jardagh Cafe’s Struggle for Preservation

BAGHDAD, December 22 — In the heart of Baghdad’s historic Al-Adamiyah district, the Al-Jardagh Cafe stands as a fading testament to a bygone era. Established in 1933, the cafe, named after the ‘jardaghs’ or canopies used by locals along the riverbanks, has witnessed countless political and social events.

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Mohammad Alaa, the cafe’s operator, said, “Al-Jardagh Cafe, once a hub for politicians, writers, and intellectuals, now struggles. Lacking funds for restoration, it operates at minimal capacity. Despite its historical value, government policies restrict any alterations.”

Samir Al-Ani, a cafe regular, shared, “Decades of memories bind us to Al-Jardagh. Once lively, now it’s a shadow of its past. It’s more than a place for games or shisha; it’s a cultural landmark deserving recognition and preservation.”

The cafe’s dilapidated state reflects a broader challenge in preserving Baghdad’s cultural heritage, a task requiring attention and resources beyond what its current custodians can provide.