Celebrating workers and the winter solstice

Yalda Night celebration in Halabja honors school janitors

HALABJA, December 22 — A Yalda Night celebration in Halabja honored janitors and workers from schools and kindergartens across the governorate on Thursday.

Yalda Night represents the longest and darkest night of the year, marking the winter solstice, or Earth’s transition from autumn to winter. The ancient celebration holds cultural and traditional significance in the Kurdistan Region, Iran, Azerbaijan, and other countries in the region.

Soran Omar, the Director General of Halabja’s education administration, told 964 the Yalda Night celebration was held at Jalal Azabani Gallery and marked the first event recognizing school janitors during this occasion.

“Education workers represent a fatigued generation and serve as a vital pillar in the success of the educational process in schools. Hence, dedicating this year’s Yalda Night to them is fitting,” he said.