Film wins Best Director award

Iraqi film ‘She Was Not Alone’ clinches top honors at El Gouna Film Festival

BASRA, December 21 — “She Was Not Alone,” directed by Hussein Al-Asadi, clinched the Best Director award at the El Gouna Film Festival, which concluded Wednesday night in the Egyptian city situated on the Red Sea. Additionally, the film received a sponsorship award from a supportive Saudi company.

The film had previously won the “Final Cut” award at an international festival in Italy. Created by a group of young filmmakers from Basra four years ago, “She Was Not Alone” is a poetic reflection on the life of Fatima, a 60-year-old rural woman living alone in the dwindling wetlands of Iraq.

Fatima struggles to keep her beloved animals alive, refusing to move to the city and abandon her independent lifestyle. The film explores environmental collapse and the challenging choices confronting its characters.

Hussein Al-Asadi, the director of the film, told 964, “Our feature-length documentary ‘She Was Not Alone’ won the Grand Prize at the El Gouna Film Festival’s film market and platform in Egypt, valued at $15,000. The film also received a financial award of $5,000 from the Saudi company Hawady.”

Al-Asadi said the film would continue to be showcased at festivals in the hopes of winning more awards and to “demonstrate that Iraqi cinema remains present and influential.”

He further acknowledged the film’s crew, calling the crew members primary contributors to its achievement.

The film’s producers were Huda Al-Kadhimi, Hussein Al-Asadi, and Huma Gubta; Visual Effects Producer Huma Gubta; Executive Producer Shahad Al-Taie; Cinematographers Muhannad Al-Sudani, Hussein Al-Asadi, and Khaled Tawfiq; Assistant Cinematographer Hussein Raad; Zain Abdul Salam on sound; Artistic Advisor Yasser Kareem; and Production Manager Hassan Al-Eidani.