A Travel Boom During Election Break

Najafis jet off to Kurdistan, Basra, Lebanon and Turkey

NAJAF, 19 December —  With the election break offering a full week off for students, families have seized the opportunity for some end-of-year escapades, contributing to the pre-holiday season profits for travel businesses in Najaf.

Travel and tourism companies in Najaf are witnessing a notable surge in bookings to various destinations.

Mohammed Munir, a travel agency director, told 964media:

There’s been a significant demand for trips to Iraq’s Kurdistan and Basra ahead of the New Year festivities. The election break has become a spontaneous mini-vacation for families, with package prices ranging from 40,000 to 75,000 dinars per adult depending on the itinerary. International travel has also seen a notable uptick, especially trips to Lebanon and Syria. Some travelers have opted for Iran and Turkey, among other destinations, taking advantage of the official dollar exchange rate, which helps save a substantial part on trip costs due to currency differences.

Khaled Hussein, a customer speaking to 964media, said:

The election holiday gave families the chance to travel north to enjoy nature and break away from the daily grind. My friends took off as soon as the holiday was announced, but I made sure to cast my vote in the elections first.

Ticket prices have soared due to the high demand compared to the pre-election period, indicating that the travel itch struck many as the elections approached.