Security committee gives update on transfers

Interior minister announces end of election as votes are transfered to warehouses

BAGHDAD, December 18 — The Minister of Interior Abdul Amir Al-Shammari announced polling stations across the country had closed Monday evening, triggering the start of data transfers from electronic voting booths to tally votes from 15 governorates.

The head of the Supreme Security Committee for Elections, Qais Al-Mohammadawi, stated that some ballot boxes would be transported by land and others by air.

Al-Shammari and Al-Mohammadawi held a press conference following the end of voting.

Al-Shammari: The polling stations are officially closed, and the requirements for the provincial council elections have been fulfilled. The voting process was supervised by the Commander-in-Chief, and no security breaches occurred. The second phase has begun with the transfer of memory sticks.

We express our gratitude to all participants in the security plan for the elections and its successful implementation. We have arrested 303 election violators and informed the Commission about it.

Security forces will move to protect election centers, deliver the ballot box sticks, and ensure the safety of Commission employees.


Al-Mohammadawi: Our forces have a crucial role in completing technical matters, counting, and sorting, with a priority on transferring memory sticks. Some ballot boxes will be transported by land, and others by air.

The security plan has succeeded nearly completely, with no observed security breaches. We worked impartially with everyone under the supervision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.”