Voter turnout low across Iraq

Young girl in Tuz Khurmatu urges Kurdish youth to vote in provincial council elections

TUZ KHURMATU, December 18 — A Kurdish girl in Tuz Khurmatu called on fellow young Kurds to vote in Monday’s election, echoing pleas from government officials for Iraq’s 15 million voters to head to the polls.

Allow me to articulate my message. Certain individuals aim to divert our attention from the tangible truth. Right now, we are trying to defend our existence as Kurds. Through democratic means, we seek to articulate our perspectives as Kurds and indigenous inhabitants of this city. I implore everyone, particularly the youth, to exercise their voting rights. Please resist succumbing to the notion that your votes lack significance. Remember in the past, we safeguarded our rights through arms, whereas today, we use our votes. The situation has changed, and I urge everyone to actively participate in the electoral process.