300,000 Personnel Boycott the Ballot, IHEC media head

Baghdad, 17 Dec –The Independent High Electoral Commission, IHEC, reassured the public on Sunday that preliminary results of the special and general voting would be announced on Tuesday. The Commission’s Media Team Head, Imad Jameel, in a dialogue with Al-Bayati, clarif

ied that the circulating results on media are fabricated and untrue.

Jameel highlighted that the number of special voting boycotters reached 300,000 personnel. He also outlined the voting process details: “The electronic card’s validity has ended, and voting tomorrow will exclusively use the biometric card. Mobile phones will not be allowed in voting centers and stations. Voting will open at 7 AM and close at 6 PM. Citizens must bring an additional identification card along with their electoral card.”.

He concluded by dispelling rumors of forced voting among soldiers, citing the significant number of abstainers as evidence. He humorously noted the Iraqi citizen’s tendency to leave things to the last minute, referencing the unusual rush at the Rusafa office for biometric card distribution.