Blamed salary delays from Baghdad

KRG Education Minister rejects school year postponement rumors

ERBIL, December 17– The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Minister of Education, Alan Hama Saeed, dispelled rumors of postponing the current academic year. Addressing the public during a Kurdistan Flag Day event at an Erbil primary school, Saeed clarified that while some regions are behind schedule, efforts are underway to assist them.

“We have not decided to delay the school year. Our teams are working closely with educational departments across Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, Raperin, and Garmian to ensure a swift continuation of classes,” stated Hama Saeed to 964 media.

Acknowledging the legitimacy of teachers’ concerns, Saeed noted the central government’s delays in addressing the financial rights and dues of the Kurdistan Region. As a result, several schools across the mentioned areas remain closed, despite being three months into the school year.