Restarting the device didn't work

Election staff face challenges with result transmission devices

BAGHDAD, December 16 – Election workers across several Iraqi provinces, including Wasit, Maysan, Kirkuk, Nineveh, Baghdad, and Sulaymaniyah, have reported difficulties in operating the electronic result acceleration devices. Despite following instructions to restart the devices by turning them off for 20 minutes and then back on, the technical glitch persisted, preventing the transmission of results.

These devices are designed to read ballot papers and electronically send the results to a unified center, generating vouchers displaying comprehensive results and box contents. However, a technical fault has hindered many election stations from accessing and transmitting these results.

As the midnight deadline approached, marking the six-hour legal timeframe for electronic result declaration, the failure to transmit results electronically means stations must now send their ballot boxes to the national center to commence the manual counting and sorting process.