Operations and turnout indicators

Smooth voting process in Nineveh

December 16 — The Media Office of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in Nineveh said on Saturday that the special voting process has not witnessed any violations so far and is proceeding smoothly with high efficiency. The number of turnouts reached 100,000 members until midday.

Sufian Al-Mashhadani, the Media Director of the Commission in Nineveh, told 964media:
“The polling centers, totaling 49, started having turnouts since the early morning hours after completing all the necessary preparations. The number of turnouts reached 100,000 individuals, including members of the Counter-Terrorism Service, personnel from the Ministries of Defense and Interior, and the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF). We have not observed any pressures or violations so far, and the work will conclude at 6 PM. Afterward, the manual counting and sorting process will begin, followed by sending the ballot boxes to the warehouses. The boxes will remain in the warehouses until the general election day, after which, within 24 hours, we will begin announcing some results from both general and special voting.”

Colonel Mazen Al-Ahmedi, the Media Director of the Police in Nineveh, said:
“There is high coordination among all security units in the province to ensure the success of this democratic event. The security plan is being implemented as planned, and there is a smooth flow in the arrival of all security personnel to the special voting centers. There is a high turnout among officers and personnel for participation since the early morning hours until now, aiming to choose their representatives in the Provincial Council.”