At Grand Millennium Al-Seef hotel

New Year’s eve extravaganza with maestro Ilham Al-Madfai and Mustafa Al-Abdullah in Basra

BASRA, December 15 — On New Year’s Eve, Iraqi maestro Ilham Al-Madfai will perform in Basra alongside singer Mustafa Al-Abdullah at the Al-Zubair Hall, Grand Millennium Al-Seef Hotel. The hotel management has announced the availability of tickets for the public.

The hotel’s management posted on Facebook:

“The Grandest Event in the Heart of Basra and an Exceptional Night Awaits You!

World-renowned maestro Ilham Al-Madfai and star Mustafa Al-Abdullah come together on New Year’s Eve at Al-Zubair Hall, Grand Millennium Al-Seef Hotel, Basra.

For reservations and inquiries: 07835955819”