Local government currently receiving tenders

Qaladze awaits arrival of child and maternity hospital

QALADZE, Dcember 15 — The Raperin Health Department has unveiled plans to establish a children and maternity hospital in Qaladze, addressing a significant void in the district’s healthcare services.

The blueprint involves a dual approach, where part of an existing hospital’s infrastructure would undergo demolition, while the remaining section will undergo renovation and adaptation to cater specifically to child and maternity care.

Taha Mohammed, spokesperson for the Raperin Health Department, disclosed to 964 that officials have initiated the process by inviting contractors and receiving tenders.

“The tender period spans one month, with a projected timeline of 365 days for the completion of the project,” Mohammed stated.

Highlighting the urgent need for such a facility, he emphasized that Qaladze currently lacks a hospital dedicated to child and maternity care.