Pieces in Baghdad since 1991

Duhok archeological directorate seeks return of 700 artifacts from Baghdad

DUHOK, December 14 — The Duhok Archeological Directorate has formally approached Baghdad with a request for the return of 700 artifacts transferred to the Iraqi capital in 1991, where they have since remained.

Originally inaugurated in 1989, the Duhok Museum faced closure in 1991 due to prevailing political circumstances. Bekas Brifkani, head of the directorate, disclosed to 964, “These archeological pieces have been in Baghdad for 32 years, and we have twice petitioned for their repatriation, and are still awaiting Baghdad’s response.”

He elaborated on the challenges faced, stating, “We harbor plans to safeguard Duhok’s monuments, but the requisite funding is substantial, and as of now, no budget has been allocated.”

Statistics provided by the directorate reveal the existence of 2,221 archeological sites in Duhok governorate, with ongoing efforts to discover new sites.

Brifkani acknowledged the history of the artifacts, stating, “I don’t have precise dating, but they are undeniably of considerable antiquity.”