Authorities seize 22 kilograms of crystal

Anti-drug force dismantles international trafficking network

BASRA, December 7 — The Directorate of Drug Control announced on Thursday that authorities had dismantled a local network of traffickers with international ties, arresting seven suspects and seizing 22 kilograms of crystal meth in two separate operations in Basra and Dhi Qar.

The Directorate released a statement which said:

By judicial decisions, the General Directorate of Drug Control, under the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and under the supervision of the Minister of Interior, confiscated 22 kilograms of the drug substance crystal and arrested seven drug dealers, dismantling their local networks with international ties in two separate operations carried out in Basra and Dhi Qar. Further details will be announced upon the conclusion of the investigation.