Government teams are monitoring prices in local markets

BAGHDAD, July 30 — The Ministry of Commerce stated on Sunday that its monitoring teams are daily observing the prices of goods in the local markets. The ministry emphasized that there is no increase in the prices of food items.

Riyadh Al-Mousawi, the Director of Commercial Control at the ministry, confirmed that they are closely monitoring market prices through the surveillance teams. He pointed out that the prices of essential food items have not witnessed any rise in the market or among traders.

The ministry attributed the control over the prices of essential food items to its distribution of the sixth food basket and the social care basket, as well as the launch of the seventh food basket to mitigate price increases.

Furthermore, Al-Mousawi mentioned that the surveillance teams are working in cooperation with relevant security authorities, including those dealing with organized crime and national security, to monitor the local markets and prevent the leakage of food items to other places, which could lead to price hikes.