Local directorate can now track levels in real-time

UNHCR provides digital water level monitors for Sulaymaniyah districts

SULAYMANIYAH, December 4 — In an effort to bolster water management, a the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, has donated an electronic system to the Sulaymaniyah Water Directorate, extending its connectivity to wells and tanks across five districts surrounding the city.

Shirwan Jamal, Director of Water in Sulaymaniyah, informed 964 that this advanced system, known as RTM, facilitates real-time monitoring of water levels in wells and tanks through a dedicated mobile application.

The RTM system, funded by UNHCR, has been integrated into water infrastructure in Sharazoor district, Zarayan district, Barika camp in Arbat, Chamchamal district, and Takya Kakamand. The technology replaces the conventional method of deploying multiple employees and a specialized committee to manually assess well water levels.

Expressing optimism about the initiative’s success, Jamal conveyed the Directorate’s intention to potentially expand the system to other locations based on its effectiveness.