Surge in popularity for residences and gazeebos

Demand for wooden houses grows in Sulaymaniyah

SULAIMANIYAH, December 4 — Sulaymaniyah is witnessing a surge in popularity of wooden houses, with one company attributing the trend to an increasing preference for the structures as garden gazeebos and in residential projects.

Farhad Fuad, owner of a company specializing in wooden house construction, revealed to 964 the remarkable rise in demand over the past year. Wooden houses are now highly sought after in both urban settings and residential developments, particularly for the construction of second and third floors.

Fuad emphasized that the heightened demand extends beyond Sulaymaniyah, encompassing cities across Kurdistan.

Construction of a four-room, 100-square meter structure can cost as much as $30,000. Fuad said his company also provides a 20-year warranty on both the wood and equipment used in construction, adding to the demand.

The emerging trend suggests a transformative shift in architectural preferences and points toward the growing appeal of wooden housing solutions in the region.