Sindbad Land management issues statement

Baghdad venue denies rumors of concert by Lebanese artist Elissa

BAGHDAD, November 29 — The management of Sindbad Land, an entertainment venue located in Baghdad, issued a statement on Tuesday denying rumors  of an upcoming music performance by Lebanese artist Elissa.

Sindbad Land’s statement said, “Sindbad Land management denies the news that has circulated about a musical concert at Sindbad Land. We have no directives or plans to hold a concert in the city at the present time. Therefore, we call on the media to consider accuracy in reporting news and to verify their original sources.”

A number of media outlets and social media pages had circulated news about Elissa holding a concert in Baghdad on Friday, attributing the statement to Iraqi actress Inas Talib.

Talib later refuted the accuracy of the attributed news, confirming that she did not make any statements regarding Elissa’s intent to hold a concert in Baghdad.