Strategic consultations underway

UAE delegation arrives in Kurdistan to help bolster tourism sector

ERBIL, November 27 — A delegation from the United Arab Emirates has arrived in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to provide strategic counsel on bolstering the tourism sector.

Comprising several tourism officials and investors, the delegation is focusing on advancing the development of museums and monuments in the region, according to Ibrahim Abdulmajid, spokesperson for the Kurdistan Region’s tourism board.

Abdulmajid told 964, “Their guidance is aimed at optimizing the potential of our region’s cultural assets for the tourism sector, and they have actively advised our board to do that.”

He further noted that the delegation is also promoting investment from the UAE and other Arab countries, particularly within the tourism sector. The Kurdistan Region boasts six museums and houses over 5,000 artifacts.

Abdulmajid concluded by revealing plans for another delegation’s imminent visit to the Kurdistan Region, with further discussions anticipated in the near future.