'The Green Bird' sees record passenger numbers

Iraq plans direct flights to Australia, the U.S., and Malaysia

BAGHDAD, November 22 — Iraq’s Ministry of Transport has announced plans to open direct routes to Australia, the United States, and Malaysia via its national carrier, Iraqi Airways as flights in recent months have seen a record number of passengers.

The Ministry’s spokesperson Maitham Al-Safi said in a statement to the official national newspaper Al-Sabah:

The Ministry is actively working to lift the European ban on Iraqi airlines, positioning them as the country’s international gateway. This involves steadfast steps aligned with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, particularly as the national carrier receives modern aircraft and explores new travel destinations.

Over five destinations to Europe and China have been opened, along with the inauguration of routes to Denmark and Germany under a joint operational system, and an increase in the number of flights to regional countries.

There is ongoing effort to launch flights soon to Malaysia, Australia, and the United States, based on a carefully prepared vision and feasibility study. The previous months’ full occupancy rates across all sectors serviced by ‘the Green Bird’ are attributed to the Ministry’s direct oversight and implementation of well-thought-out plans.

The Ministry has outlined plans to revitalize and enhance the air fleet, improve services, and diversify destinations, aiming to increase air travel in the coming period. The action plan includes initiatives such as restarting discontinued routes like those to Germany and Denmark, as well as efforts to open new regional and international destinations.