Contemporary art in an ancient site

Baghdad’s Abbasid Palace hosts arts and culture exhibition

BAGHDAD, November 21 — The Abbasid Palace in Baghdad hosted the fourth Contrast Exhibition of Arts and Culture this week, featuring dozens of pieces from 41 artists hailing from Baghdad and various governorates

Asmaa Aldouri, President of the Contrast Association, shared, “There is extensive participation, with contributors not only from artists in Baghdad but also from Kut, Duhok, Sulaymaniyah, Nasiriyah, Maysan, and other governorates. The goal is to bring artists together to cultivate beauty and promote a spirit of unity, love, and peace.”

Visual artist Majid Al-Hasani said the event was an important initiative for local artists. “This is an opportunity to showcase the talents of Iraqi artists in highlighting contemporary art and integrating it with the Iraqi environment,” he said. “What’s even more special is that the exhibition was held at the Abbasid Palace, a symbol of Iraqi heritage and history.”