The salary issue remains unresolved

Kurdistan Democratic Party member addresses salary crisis and constitutional rights

November 19 — A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, returning from negotiations in Baghdad, stated that the Kurdistan Region has provided “all the information” about employees. However, the salary issue remains unresolved, and she emphasized the need for an explanation for this crisis.

Miada Al-Najjar, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in an interview with journalist Mohammed Yousif, as reported by Network 964:

“I was a member of the delegation from the region that recently went to Baghdad, where we handed over all the requested information and data to facilitate the payment of salaries to regional employees. Their statements about not receiving the information aim to divert the issue and prevent its resolution; this is one of the pressures they exert.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has supplied the federal government with all necessary information to resolve the salary file, but there has been no progress so far.

We are open to all solutions for the salary issue in Kurdistan, but not at the expense of violating the constitution. We demand the rights of the region’s citizens, which we voted for.

We are a constitutional entity, and the federal government should not treat us merely as provinces. However, if they intend to violate the constitution, that is a different matter.

The salary problem lies in the mindset of the ruling political class, which lacks faith in the decentralized administration approach. This is an inherited culture.

Since 2003, we are supposed to be a federal state, but we have a series of lingering problems in the Kurdistan Region with the federal government, and we have not been able to solve them so far. One of them is the salary issue.”