Over 200 youth participate in events

Marathon and cycling competition unites Babylon and Baghdad

BABYLON, November 18 — Some 220 young men and women from Babylon and Baghdad participated in a running and cycling marathon on Friday, held in the city of Hilla as part of the Babylon Festival of Competitions, organized by the Directorate of Youth and Sports.

The women’s running competition concluded with Nouran Hassan from the Air Force Club clinching victory, while Esraa Mohamed from Babylon secured the second spot. In the cycling race, Ammar Abbas Mohammed from Baghdad claimed the top spot.

Nael Taleb, the Director of Youth and Sports in Babylon, said that teams from the Air Force Club in Baghdad and Babylon University participated in the cycling marathon, with 30 women and 80 men on each team. The marathon started from the entrance of Burnoon village and ended at the Ishtar Gate inside the ancient city of Babylon, covering a distance of three kilometers.

The events were organized in an effort to show the potential of young men and women and strengthen relationships among youth from different governorates.