Prices nearly double for famed walnuts

Shortage of Hawraman walnuts in Sulaymaniyah markets sparks high demand

SULYAMANIYAH, November 15 — Markets in Sulaymaniyah are experiencing a shortage of walnuts from the Hawraman region, resulting in higher demand for the famed variety.

Sellers say Iranian alternatives are not satisfying customers’ needs, pushing the Hawrami variety’s prices higher.

Vendor Zimnako Mahdi shared, “The drought and shortage of water in Hawraman has impacted walnut production this year, leading traders to import them from Dezli and Nowzud in Iran.”

“With the limited supply of Hawrami walnuts in Sulaymaniyah markets, the demand is soaring due to its delicious and oil-rich taste,” he continued. “We used to sell a kilo of Hawrami walnuts in Sulaymaniyah for about 4,500 dinars, but now we sell it for 8,000 dinars.”