Event encourages innovation and creativity among students and faculty

Entrepreneurship festival at Al-Muthanna University showcases student innovations

MUTHANNA, November 15 — Students and faculty at Al-Muthanna University showcased innovations and inventions at an Entrepreneurship Festival this week, with participants displaying miniature models of fighter planes, drones, radars, and communication jamming devices. The festival included workshops and seminars and will run through November 16.

Yasmin Sabar, a member of the organizing committee, said exhibitors represented all of the University’s colleges, and included arts displays, books, clay artifacts, and more, in an effort to encourage active participation of the community.

“The exhibition aims to highlight students’ products and innovations, encouraging them to pursue crafts, professions, or unique inventions for the job market,” Sabar shared.

A number of exhibits at the Festival also included miniature military drones and models of early 20th century aircraft, as well as models of smart cities and projects related to the security industry.

“Some drones were designed for insecticide spraying using a remote control device,” Sabar added.

Engineering student and exhibitor Karrar Haider collaborated with fellow students to create a plastic recycling device to produce daily items.

“Other students presented various innovations, such as smart lamps and night lights that automatically turn on and off in response to sunlight. There were also designs for smart cities, radar systems for detecting foreign objects, and blockers that cut off communication networks during electromagnetic wave broadcasts,” he said.